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Every property should have a professionally designed and expertly installed electrical system that’s fully safe to use. If your electrical system doesn’t meet these criteria, it’s time to have it improved with the help of experts like Alan Forrest Electric. I’m based in King, NC and provide property owners with top-notch electrical panel replacement services and other reliable solutions. Book an appointment with me now!

What I Offer

New Construction Electrical Service

New Construction Electrical Service

I work closely with builders and property owners who are working on new construction projects. If you need help with setting up electrical systems in newly built homes or buildings, give me a call today.
Remodeling and Renovation Electrical Service

Remodeling and Renovation Electrical Service

Aside from handling new construction electrical projects, I also assist my customers with various electrical tasks for their remodels and renovations. Update your electrical system now by getting my help.
Home Addition Electrical Service

Home Addition Electrical Service

Building a home addition? Reach out to me! I specialize in connecting newly built additions to the main electrical system and ensuring that the space will be fully functional in terms of electrical work.
Panel Upgrades

Panel Upgrades

If you live in an older home with an electrical fuse, or if you have a modern circuit breaker but it’s starting to malfunction, upgrade your electrical panel ASAP. Learn more about panel upgrades by calling me.
Electrical Outlet Installation

Electrical Outlet Installation

It’s recommended to install additional electrical outlets if your current ones are too few and you have to use extension cords frequently. Ensure that your outlets are properly installed by getting my help.
Code Corrections

Code Corrections

Many properties have electrical systems that don’t meet current electrical safety standards. If your property is one of them, contact me today! I work on code corrections and update electrical systems.
Rewiring Service

Rewiring Service

You must rewire your property if it’s still using its original wiring or if it’s exhibiting signs of wiring damage. Don’t worry since completing the rewiring process is easy if you’ll hire experts like me.
Lighting Design and Installation

Lighting Design and Installation

I help property owners design the lighting systems in their space and pick the ideal indoor, outdoor, and landscape lighting fixtures. Take advantage of my lighting design and installation service now!

Why Should You Hire Professional Electricians?

Many people decide to work on electrical tasks all by themselves to save money on labor. However, going the do-it-yourself route isn’t really advisable since most electrical tasks require advanced skills that can only be developed through intensive training and years of experience. If you’ll make even the smallest mistake during electrical repairs or installations, you’ll also increase the risk of electrical fires, electrocution, and other accidents. To avoid bodily injuries and property damage, your best option is to call a trusted residential electrician like me. With my help, you can keep your property’s electrical system in excellent condition and ensure that it’s always safe and efficient to use.

How I Deliver My Electrical Solutions

At Alan Forrest Electric, I use advanced techniques to provide a world-class electrical service and complete all installations and upgrades according to code and to the highest standards. For replacements and new installations, I make sure to use quality wiring and other materials that have excellent durability and performance. By doing so, I can deliver exceptional results to property owners and provide them with the dependable and functional electrical service that they deserve.

The Areas That I Serve

Although I’m primarily based in King, NC, I don’t just assist local property owners with their electrical tasks. I also provide my electrical panel upgrade solutions and other professional services to customers in these areas:

  • Yadkin Township, NC
  • Bethania Township, NC
  • Salem Chapel Township, NC
  • Rural Hall Town, NC
  • Tobaccoville Village, NC

Alan Forrest Electric is the right expert to approach if you’re looking for electrical outlet installation services and other quality solutions in King, NC. Contact me now!

Contact Info

Alan Forrest Electric

King, NC 27021

(336) 715-5016

by Gene M. on Alan Forrest Electric
Highly Recommended

The electrical panel in my house had given up so I had to replace it with a new one. He took care of the job and made sure that the panel was working properly before he left. I highly recommend his electrical panel replacement service!

Services List

  • New Construction Electrical Service
  • Remodeling Electrical Service
  • Renovation Electrical Service
  • Home Addition Electrical Service
  • Panel Upgrades
  • Circuit Breaker Installation
  • Electrical Outlet Installation
  • Code Corrections
  • Rewiring Service
  • Lighting Design
  • Indoor Lighting Installation
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation
  • Landscape Lighting Installation
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